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For real, wear them.

When will my book be dispatched from your warehouse?

I am bad and usually never wear them, but in this case, I wear them. Right in front of your face. Wear the safety glasses. Do it.

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For real. In my early experimentations but not now, because I know better now … ahem … , if I got too much enamel inside a bead hole, trying to get that bead off the mandrel while it was still molten would pull a long glass needle, much like what lampworkers call stringers. Use metal, or even glass, but not plastic. But I bet you can guess! A fire extinguisher is wise to have on hand, too, but that goes without saying. Besides making beautiful jewelry, you get to watch the magic happen right before your eyes.

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Your safety-glass-covered eyes, right? See 6 above. Want to learn more? Get enameling resources at a price you like when you build your own Enameling Bundle! You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Mandrels are important. When you buy enamels, make color test chips on scraps of metal.

Make every effort to find out what metal your beads or other components are made of when you intend to enamel on them. Add to Wishlist. Instant Download.

(ebook) Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry, Advanced Necklaces

Description eBook Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! The Big-Ass Book of Crafts. Died in the Wool A Knitting Mystery.

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The Big-Ass Book of Crafts 2. The Big-Ass Book of Bling. Homemade The Heart and Science of Handcrafts. American Indian Beadwork. View Wishlist. Our Awards Booktopia's Charities.