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Peter Mansfield arr. Don Sebesky arr. Gershwin Medley No.

Music Ensemble. Butch Thompson Wright, arr. Louis Symphony. Patrick Zimmerli, arr. David Carlson arr. David Diamond The Noblest Game piano-vocal book. Elena Ruehr Crafting the Bonds piano-vocal score, score, parts. Beth Anderson Network for 4 Saxophones and 2 keyboards. Ingrid Arauco Florescence for Flute and Harpsichord. Ingrid Arauco String Quartet No. Thomas Cabaniss String Quartet No.

Eric Chasalow First String Quartet clean score up, parts. Stephen Dankner Saxophone Quartet No.

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Stephen Dankner String Quartet No. Sivan Cohen Elias. Steven Holochwost String Trio No. Anthony Iannaccone Woodwind Quintet No. Pierre Jalbert Piano Trio No. Pierre Jalbert String Quartet No. Pierre Jalbert Wind Dances for Fl. Mark Petering String Quartet No. James Primosch Two Sketches for Fl. James Primosch String Quartet No.

Elena Ruehr Piano Quartet for Vn. Peter Schickele Percussion Sonata No. Peter Schickele St. Peter Schickele String Quintet No. Peter Schickele String Quartet No. William Schuman String Quartet No. William Susman Camille for Fl. Dan Welcher Quartet No. In her poems, she frequently referred to crickets. In the future, I hope to tour as a poet reciting the magnificent rhyme of the Oquaga Spirit. In the meanwhile I hope you enjoy some of her verses about crickets.

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I recite poems from the book several times daily. Dome Philosophy as Opposed to Angular Philosophy. A dome has curved and fluid lines.

Tag: The Oquaga Spirit Speaks

For the geodesic dome we are indebted to R. He believes that every pound should have a defined and necessary function. They had maximum strength for minimum weight. It is no secret that space-time is a curved continuum. Thus, the shape of the dome is in keeping with curved space. I wrote a book of poetry while living around Oquaga Lake. I felt the presence of a spirit there.

See picture below. I sensed the spirit was a female from the Lennie Lenape. It is a product on DSOworks. You can freely sample me reciting some of the poetry on this inner link. If you are interested, you can also purchase the book. This spirit dictated a poem to me entitled: Like a Ballerina. She used triple meter for almost the entire book.

She also talks about how space-time is a curved continuum. Orchestral conductors often conduct triple meter in circular fashion.

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In the poetry book she offers the following admonition and advice. His triple meters wane. Return ye to the waltzes of Vienna, And the vibrant boleros of Spain. What we have here is the musical wave of both the past and future. Future Telling as per the Oquaga Spirit. However, current theories of leading physicists see reality as a connection or continuum of space-time. Thus, as the present is visible, so are the past and the future.

I was fortunate enough to spend 15 summer seasons on Oquaga Lake. Once in a while we did a nighttime cruise. Everyone was happy and joyful. Most sensed a spiritual presence on the lake. For me, it spoke in poetry as a hiked around the lake in the early morning hours. There was once a golden age. Men lived their lives by the balanced numerical codes it contains. A female American Indian spirit enlightened me about this code. She was of the Lennie Lenape. Hesiod alludes to this age.

His writings were almost years earlier. It was an age of plenty and peace.

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The earth provided for all. Rivalries were unknown. It is perched in the Catskill Mountains. Almost anyone who visits either senses or actually communes with this spirit. The spirit talked ceaselessly to me. I was lucky. Many of the blogs on DSOworks. Here is some of her wisdom. Just click on all posts.

By straight read, three codes appear. They hold a cosmic code. The central five also becomes 55 and When compared to a star or atom, man is in the middle. Speaking in relative sizes, man becomes the An atom becomes the 5. A star becomes the These codes spin and twirl numbers in a set and balanced way. Sleep Therapy as per the Oquaga Spirit.

I have been so fortunate. My family and I spent at least 15 beautiful summers on Oquaga Lake.