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Nel , la House Concurrent Resolution no. Le prime strofe del brano, che parla del fiume Suwannee, recitano [4] [5] [6] :.

arr./adapted by Mike Wilson

Way down upon de Swanee ribber, Far, far away, Dere's wha my heart is turning ebber, Dere's wha de old folks stay. All up and down de whole creation, Sadly I roam, Still longing for de old plantation, And for de old folks at home. All de world am sad and dreary, Ebry where I roam, Oh!

Oltre a quella dei Christy's Minstrels, tra le prime versioni del brano vi fu quella strumentale eseguita nel da A.

The Swanee River (Old Folks at Home)

Stengler [1] e quella canora eseguita nel da William H. Thompson [1].

The song was performed condescendingly and with exaggerated dialect. Harry T. Burleigh and Antonin Dvorak s : A "heart song" of the American people, a folk song alongside slave's spirituals.

Jazz Standards Songs and Instrumentals (Old Folks at Home)

DuBois ca. Handy "Father of the Blues" in his autobiography, : Old Folks at Home , My Old Kentucky Home , and Old Black Joe helped bring about emancipation, and owe something to the "well of sorrow" that gave rise to the blues. Civil Rights Era ss : Any song ever associated with negative ethnic images should be eliminated.

STEPHEN FOSTER'S - OLD FOLKS AT HOME - 1851 - Performed by Tom Roush

Christy for use by Christy's Minstrels , his minstrel troupe. Christy also asked to be credited as the song's creator, and was so credited on early sheet music printings. As a result, while the song was a success, Foster did not directly profit much from it.

Old Folks at Home (Foster, Stephen)

Foster had composed most of the lyrics but was struggling to name the river of the opening line, and asked his brother to suggest one. The first suggestion was " Yazoo " in Mississippi , which despite fitting the melody perfectly, was rejected by Foster. I won't have that. Written in the first person from the perspective and in the dialect of an African slave at a time when slavery was legal in 15 of the states of the US , the song's narrator states "longing for de old plantation ," [7] which has been criticized as romanticizing slavery.

The word, " darkies ," used in Foster's lyrics, has been amended; for example, "brothers" was sung in place of the offensive word at the dedication of the new Florida state capitol building in In practice, the pronunciation, as written in dialect, has long been disregarded in favor of the corresponding standard American English usage, as demonstrated by the song's performances at the Florida Folk Festival. As the official state song of Florida, "Old Folks at Home" has traditionally been sung as part of a Florida governor's inauguration ceremony. However, over time, the lyrics were progressively altered to be less offensive; as Diane Roberts observed:.

Old Folks At Home (Swanee River)

Florida got enlightened in ; we substituted "brothers" for "darkies". There were subsequent revisions. At Jeb Bush's second inauguration as governor in , a young black woman gave a moving, nondialect rendition of "Old Folks at Home", except "still longing for the old plantation" came out "still longing for my old connection". Perhaps someone confused Stephen Foster's lyrics with a cell phone commercial.

In his inauguration ceremony, Charlie Crist decided not to include the state song, but rather to use in its place, "The Florida Song," a composition written by a black Floridian jazz musician, Charles Atkins. The Florida Legislature considered the issue and ultimately adopted it as the state anthem while retaining "Old Folks at Home" as the state song, replacing its original lyrics with a revised version approved by scholars at the Stephen Foster Memorial , University of Pittsburgh. Way down upon de Swanee Ribber, Far, far away, Dere's wha my heart is turning ebber, Dere's wha de old folks stay.

All up and down de whole creation Sadly I roam, Still longing for de old plantation, And for de old folks at home. Chorus All de world am sad and dreary, Eb-rywhere I roam; Oh, darkeys, how my heart grows weary, Far from de old folks at home! When I was playing wid my brudder Happy was I; Oh, take me to my kind old mudder! Dere let me live and die.