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There are many men, in every culture, with a direct link between their hearts and their genitalia, who express love and longing and need through sex. Consigning all men to the status of victims of their uncontrollable, brutal libidos actually removes agency and responsibility and erases the distinction between the criminals and jerks who victimize women and all the other men who do not.

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But as brilliant women from Germaine Greer on have pointed out, the fantasies instilled by the romance industry do not equate to women wanting to be overpowered in real life. Nor should they. Perhaps many good men are in denial about episodes in their past that they do not want to examine, as Marche claims. Perhaps changing norms have caught men over forty, or over sixty, with their pants down, as it were.

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But women, too, used to have to play by different sets of rules, using strategies appropriate to those without power, including using sex as transactional for money or security. We have to be careful, now, not to confuse the brutality of some men, often those powerful enough for be well-known, with the needs and longings of the majority. Civilized men, as Marche describes them, should indeed scrutinize their own behavior at this difficult moment. Begin with your status as a human being with powerful needs, balanced by your understanding that women are also complex, needy and driven, and go on from there.

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Savage Love Letter of the Day: Men Are Pigs and Other Things We Already Knew - Slog - The Stranger

The book can be preordered from the site and will be available on Amazon in the fourth quarter. Mission Possible Publishing is a Fort Worth based publisher of self-help and business books.

Savage Love Letter of the Day: Men Are Pigs and Other Things We Already Knew - Slog - The Stranger

Ron Sturgeon is a business consultant and successful business owner. He is the divorced father of three and currently in a long-term relationship with another entrepreneur, the success of which he attributes to what he learned writing and researching Men are Pigs And That's a Good Thing!

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Submit Release. Where Does Your News Go? Reaches 25K Facebook Likes In forthcoming book, author Ron Sturgeon shares 26 ways to spot women who need, not want, sex.