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I know this. They know this. Falling apart and having a mental breakdown will only add to the level of humiliation I already feel. I look out the back window of the SUV and watch as the church doors open, and guests begin walking down the concrete stairs, confusion and surprise laced in their expressions.

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Juno straightens in the passenger seat and looks across at Savannah. My eerie calmness must set off alarm bells for my sisters. I want to scream and rant and if Jeff was in front of me, I might actually beat him with my bouquet like Carrie did to Big when he left her looking like the fool on their wedding day in the Sex and the City movie. All I have is the text message he sent me five minutes before I was supposed to walk down the aisle. A text…after I got up at the butt-crack of dawn to get my hair done.

After I slipped into a pair of white silk panties imagining him sliding them down my legs tonight. After a nice Belgium lady ripped all the hair out from between my legs to give me a smooth Brazilian wax. Juno glances back to me again, her eyes expressing her uncertainty. Leave it to my family to bring up another sore subject right after my life has fallen apart. Her eyes shoot to mine again through the rearview mirror. I look down at my phone still clasped in my hands. A damn text message. Still, I thought he loved me.

Savannah huffs, forever the control freak, but she does a U-turn and heads toward the apartment I signed a lease for only last week with Jeff. We drive for ten minutes and pull up to the cluster of white buildings, each one bearing a small balcony, some overlooking Lake Starlight. We paid a little more money in rent for the view. I pictured Jeff and I driving by years from now after we could afford to move, our kids in the backseat while we pointed out where it all began. I open up the vehicle door. My eyes are set on that small balcony on the side of the building.

My sisters exit the SUV and murmur behind me. Savannah still going on about how this is the wrong call and Juno arguing back that I have to do this sometime. Digging into my purse, I find the keys. Two keys on a heart keyring. How naive was I?

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I roll my eyes, inserting my key into the main door of the building and turning the knob. The foyer smelled of flowers and a future when we moved our stuff in last week. Now it smells of loneliness and despair as I walk up the first flight of stairs, rounding the second. I pick up the front of the big skirt. Why did I decide on the Cinderella princess style again? What a waste of money. When we reach the top floor, I look at the numbers on the outside of my apartment door.

Three twenty-two. They married on March twenty-second and that number was magic for them. Shaking my head, I insert my key. I look over at her. Her auburn hair is contrary to my blonde. Her green eyes to my blue.

The light in here is not nearly as bright as I remember. The space smaller and older in appearance. Another selling point for the apartment. The silence that cloaks the room feels like nails on a chalkboard. I scour the small apartment. The coffee cup he drank out of this morning sits in the sink. Did he sip that while typing out the text? I stare down at my phone again. I pick up the coffee mug, inspecting it for lipstick.

What other reason could there be for him to break every promise he ever made to me? There has to be someone else. I toss my phone on the table and blindly throw the coffee mug with no thought of direction, but the smashing sound lifts my mood slightly. A piece of him. A piece of our promised future gone. I have read several by this author before and I loved them.

She decides to marry the guy who really makes her stomach sick.

What I Learned From a Jilted Bride

Elijah Banks has been in love with Amelia for awhile. Needless to say that when he got older he changed his mind like his father warned him he would.

The 'Jilted' Bride

You could tell that these two were meant to be together and you just wanted to say enough already and just admit your feelings to each other. I was beginning to think that they both would never reveal their secrets to each other.

Advice from a Jilted Bride Preview – Author Piper Rayne

Every time I read a book by this author I am drawn in more and more. She just weaves her stories so well that I get so into them. I enjoy the play between the characters. She always makes sure that you get some laughs out of her stories and every one of her characters are strong and know how to take care of things. They have spunk and you just know that you will get a great story. I highly recommend this story to everyone who loves a great historical and enjoys the romance between a great couple. Jan 09, Amanda rated it it was amazing.

I received a copy of His Jilted Bride in exchange for my honest review. Amelia Brice has been in love with Elijah Banks since childhood even though in his eyes, she was just the annoying girl I received a copy of His Jilted Bride in exchange for my honest review. Amelia Brice has been in love with Elijah Banks since childhood even though in his eyes, she was just the annoying girl next door who would come over to play.

So what better way to show her than to save her from being a scandalized jilted bride after she was stood up on her wedding day? Out of all of the characters, Amelia was my favorite. She had this spark about her that I really admired. Elijah was the prime example of the boy next door. I could see why Amelia cared for him — he was loyal, caring and would do anything for the ones who meant most to him. Together, you could see the hints of their past friendship that over the years had grown into so much more.

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They had a wonderful chemistry together. I think Amelia and I were on the same page there. All in all, this was a great love story. Two stubborn friends who fell in love and deserved a happily ever after. I found it hard to put this book down and when I actually had to, I looked forward to when I could rejoin them and hear the rest of their story. Jun 30, Books Mom rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-romance. This was a story with a misunderstanding or two His Jilted Bride is both a typical and atypical historical romance.

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This was a story with a misunderstanding or two that could have been cleared up easily with an honest conversation. However, given their behavior at the beginning of the story that shoves a wedge between them, I suppose it's somewhat understandable. Still, I found the hero, Elijah, and his brother, Henry, completely real and charming and enjoyed every scene they were in together and separately. Amelia made me a bit crazy and I wanted to shake her several times, but she redeems herself eventually and honestly, the romance was sweet and touched my heart. I'm always a sucker for the friends to lovers trope.

The author's skill with words is never in question, and she creates scenes we can see clearly in our minds with deft description and clear, realistic dialogue. While this was apparently part of a series, I never felt lost or as if I were missing something. It stands alone quite well. If you are looking for an adorable historical romance with a touch of intrigue, and one that can be read in one or two sittings, then I recommend His Jilted Bride.

I eagerly look forward to Henry's story.