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Visiting places like Tibet with on again off again traveler allowances. Would such a collection make it harder for you? Maybe PerfectlyPerth can advise. I think for most travel it will be a positive conversation starter, but there are a few countries where some might think it prudent to not stick out in the crowd of tourists. Tourists already stick out in a crowd of tourists. No matter what they wear or carry. Fact is they are not locals so they stick out. Melbourne is chock full of Grand Prix tourists at the moment.

Mumbai potholes: 91% ‘bad patches’ fixed in 50 days, claims BMC

Easy to spot the Americans and Euros immediately from a mile away. My patches are countries, states, Islands, cities, towns, specific points of interest, Antarctic stations. Plus ones for specific ships or expeditions with the year of the trip on them etc and big train routes like the Indian Pacific across Aus. In the old days you use to get one when you boarded a new plane - I miss those. Anywhere I have set foot round the world since the mid 70s pretty much. Some places don't have cloth patches - so for them I go for a fridge magnet.

No one in any country has ever suggested to me a specific visible patch is offensive in their country. Most people are more intelligent than that and don't judge a human on something as petty as a decoration on a bag - especially surrounded by many other patches that make it clear there is no "allegiance" to anywhere. Mine is a satchel bag so if perchance such a thing was ever to present itself as a genuine problem or concern I would just flip the bag around so that particular patch is against my body. If that's going to happen it will happen regardless of some touristy cloth patches!

Just take basic due diligence and personal awareness of surroundings. As one would do anywhere regardless of what they are carrying or where they are. More than 30 years ago, I was advised to sew my Canadian flag on my backpack. I was told that other countries would treat me better if they knew I was Canadian, as opposed to being American.

I even met American backpackers who also sewed on the Maple Leaf on their backpack because they believed it would make them safer. The other flag that was considered world friendly was the Australian flag. I don't know if this is true anymore. I no longer bother because i am older and do not stay in hostels anymore nor have to lug my backpack around town like in the old student days.

I have always bought and saved a patch from notable backpacking trips. That said I have a bunch in my dresser drawer, having never sewn them to anything. What I have started though is getting small curved metal badges that are to be attached to my walking staff.

Bad Metal patches #9

These have self-adhesive tape often on the back, as well as a couple holes for tiny screws or brad nails for securely fastening them. I do not use a collapsible pole, but an old fashion bamboo walking stick ala-Collin Fletcher's "Complete Walker" cir. Those allow a modest display, a conversation piece at a rest stop, and the knowledge that it'll be around a lot longer than a garment covered in patches.

Funpig, Canadian flags still seem to either mean something, or give the wearer a false sense of security. I've heard some Americans are sporting Cdn flags thinking it would save them from anti-Americanism in certain countries. I will admit I have a removable small Cdn flag on my day pack. Can't remember where I was visiting I thought it might be helpful, but never removed it.

I doubt anyone really even notices it or cares. LOL yes I know for a fact several of my American friends who were starting year long backpacking trips right after the election sourced and sewed Canadian flag patches on their backpacks. I did tell them that for most of us it's really easy to distinguish any US region accent from an Canadian one!!

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Report inappropriate content. Destination Expert for Perth, Antarctic Adventures. I was super stressed out for various reasons and essentially self-sabotaging our relationship. For about 6 months we were in a rough patch. We almost broke up various times and I spent nights sleeping in our spare room. We got through it with a lot of work. We had a huge sit down discussion where we both aired how we were feeling and why and in that discussion we both flat out said whilst we could break up and move on neither of us wanted to and we wanted out relationship to get back on track.

If we couldn't start getting on track again in a certain time frame we knew we should just call it quits. Luckily it didn't! It took effort and acceptance on both of our part but now we have had 6 great months and are back on track.

He struck several bad patches before he made good

We aren't silly. We know there still might be hurdles but as long as we work together to get through it we should be fine. She Gave It Time I found out about a year and a few months into my relationship that my partner had been snapchat sexting one of his friends that lived in a different state.

He then tried to lie about it, and then claimed that he had deleted all of the photos he hadn't, I found those maybe two weeks later. It's weird, but I almost thought that it would be worse for my boyfriend long-term if I left than if I let him sort this shit out with me. I didn't owe him that. But I told him he was one bad move from being single and if he wanted to stay together and rebuild trust between us, the ball was in his court. I loved him, but I no longer cared if the relationship lived or died. Also told him in no uncertain terms that if he ever considered cheating on me again he better just leave me first out of respect for me.

He had a lot of issues to work through within himself and I think having me to talk to about who he is and who he has been really helped. He also started going to therapy and sorted things out. Eventually he became someone I could trust and love again, and we're still together almost 4 years after the fact. I look at photos from back then and I don't recognize the man in them. It's like I'm dating an entirely different man. You should see the look on his face when I jokingly ask if he's cheating on me again-- it's like the face of someone remembering the last time they put their hand down on a burning hot stove being asked if they want to do it again.

They Got To Know Each Other Again Had a very rough patch several years ago which resulted in us breaking up for several months, and me moving out. Mental health and external stresses on our lives were factors in it happening. We slowly and gently got to know each other again. We made time for each other and did things like go on bike rides and make sushi. I personally worked very hard on being the best version of myself I could be.

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I made an internal resolve to fully commit myself to working it out, even when it was hard, because I felt like it had to be all or nothing, and half-arsing it wasn't an option.