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In the 4Kids dub, Riven is controlled by Darcy in season 1. He follows the Trix of his own accord in all other continuities. Bloom is controlled twice by Lord Darkar in season 2. Diaspro makes Sky fall in love with her in season 3 with a Love Potion. Nebula does this to Roxy in season 4. Stella is a victim of this in season 6, courtesy of Darcy's magic mirror. Mind Rape : Darcy does this to Riven when they imprison him in Cloudtower once he outlived his usefulness.

She had him think six dopplegangers appeared in his cell, seemingly taunting him, then they melt and merge to form a horrifying monster, scaring the crap out of Riven. He then noticed the monster was copying his actions, like a mirror reflection. This was basically forcing Riven to take a long HARD look at himself as the monster served as a reflection of his soul, considering his past actions against his real friends. Mind Screw : The first part of season 3's episode 24 somewhat feels this way with the way the scenes keep switching between dream and reality, to the point where it's a bit difficult to tell which one is which until the Winx get to Cloudtower.

See Mind Rape above. Missing Mom : Musa's mother passed away, Roxy's mother is later revealed to be none other than Morgana. The real Avalon is locked up in Darkar's dungeon. Bloom's actually the princess of a dead planet. Her older sister, Daphne, took her to Earth to save her from their planet's destruction. Mythology Gag : In season 6, Bloom's flashback with Evil Former Friend Selina in a version of her Season 1 outfit, which hasn't appeared since earlier in season 2.

In the Nick continuity, it's the first time that it's ever appeared.

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My Friends The next scene shows Aisha crying at a tree, so you can guess how well she took it. He banishes Sky from Domino for supposedly toying with Bloom's feelings and breaking off the engagement for reasons known only between Sky, his dad, and Bloom , even forbids Bloom from ever seeing him again.

Winx Club - Bloom and Sky's love story [from Season 1 to Season 7]

Bloom angrily storms off, leaving her kingdom to stay at her Earth home as she can't stand being with Oritel for the time being. He again blames Sky for Bloom's abandonment, but then Miriam shows him the confession letter of Sky's father that explained everything, which Sky tried to show him earlier but refused to look.

24 season 1 episode 21

Not only did he condemn an innocent young man for something he didn't do, he also may have permanently damaged his relationship with his daughter he had so longed to see due to his irrational overprotectiveness. Now Oritel fears that Bloom may never want to speak to him again for what he's done.

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This could have be avoided if Oritel had simply read the letter Myth Arc : Bloom's origins and the search for her parents is the overarching arc for the series in earlier seasons. In season 1 she learns she is the princess of the now dead planet Domino and has the mythical Dragon Flame, which is the source of her powers.

It takes a backseat during season 2, where the she continues to study her past. It takes front stage during season 3, particularly in fighting Valtor, who fought her parents during the fall of Domino and may know something about their fate.

In the first movie, The Secret of the Lost Kingdom , she manages to revive Domino and reunite with her birth parents. The second movie, Magical Adventure , deals with her getting to know her parents while finishing off the Ancestral Witches who destroyed Domino in the first place. Afterwards, the myth arc is done and is not part of the plot aside from a few references in seasons 4 and beyond.

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The show is willing to use die and kill sparingly though. Bloom says she'll "finish" him, and moments later, says up front that she will "destroy" him. And she does. Averted in season 5 episode 15, as the script didn't shy away from outright saying "die". When Stella receives news that Solaria's sun is going out, she tearfully exclaims that her father could die as a result, using those exact words. Never the Selves Shall Meet : The comic book version has a story where the Winx girls travel to the future.

The scientist who invented the Time Machine discourages them from meeting their future selves because of this trope. In season one, she spontaneously develops psychic powers that lets her see a person's true nature, just in time for a subplot involving her mother almost being scammed by a couple of men. The power is subsequently only used once. Similarly, in season two, Bloom conveniently gains healing powers in time to resurrect Sky after the latter is killed by Icy.

These powers remain a minor plot point throughout season two and are used a few more times in it. Her healing powers are also used several times during season 4, before seemingly being forgotten by the writers. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! This frees them up to seek out and possess or team up their descendants the Trix at the very end of the movie.

This ends up being the Sequel Hook for the 2nd movie, rather than S4. In season four, the girls manage to free the imprisoned Earth fairies Nice Job Fixing It, Villain! Near the end, Icy, in her obsession with wanting to kill Bloom, is tricked into accidentally destroying the tree sapling that sealed off said magical abilities, thus the Winx regained their powers back again. Destroying the sapling releases all of the positive magic at once!

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Digit: Now I'm going to teach those three to have a little respect for little creatures like us! Tune: Little you say? But you are much bigger than usual! You are huge! Totally disproportionate! Digit: All right, Tune! I get the point! Tune: Well, I was just trying to be precise, Digit!

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